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Ashley Baptiste, MBA, MEd,  CSM, RYT-200

Founder and CEO

Ashley improves the quality of life for high-stress professionals and those they serve, including direct reports, the workforce, stakeholders, partners, and clients. 

She leads projects in health care, technology, financial services, market research, health and human services, and human resources while providing training and technical assistance to increase productivity and reduce burnout.

Business leaders will find that Ashley will take projects from their current state to the desired outcome with gentle discipline and continual support.

She is passionate about foster children, disability awareness, travel, tea, yoga, and astrology.


        You can follow Ashley @blackfreespirit

         Your Happy Place

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Principal Consultant

Project and Product Management

Founder of Consulting with DLP, Debra has created a purposeful partnership at Your Happy Place, providing her skills in maximizing productivity and process improvement.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, she can weather the project storms and face all challenges with a customer-first mindset.

Debra relocated to Pittsburgh, where she found her niche in healthcare and executive leadership after
successfully executing a roster of healthcare and system enhancement projects.

In her spare time, Debra enjoys traveling and hosting close family and friends for Caribbean dinners.

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You can follow Debra @DebraLee_



 Our team includes five consultants and one virtual assistant with specialties in the following:

  •  human resources(20+ years)

  • restaurant (20+ years)

  • healthcare (15 years)

  • real estate and construction (7+years)
  • management (7+ years)
  • business management (20+ years)


Bring Balance to your Life




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