Simplify Your Home In 7 Steps

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Just admit it. You got a lot going on around the house and something needs to change.

1. Make Time

In order for things to get done, we must make time, especially when it come to cleaning. Set a block of time with minimal to know interruptions to ensure you can finish what you start.

2. Change Clothes

Have you ever met someone who cleans for a profession? Trust me, they are not wearing the same clothes for playing and praying at work. Switch up your attire so you are prepared to get dirty. Also, this will help if someone attempts to take some of your time. "Sorry, I am not dressed right now and in the middle of cleaning"

3. Turn on Music

Start your favorite playlist that will get you moving. As much as a nap would be great during this time, don't let the space overwhelm you until you lie down and do nothing. Get moving and grooving because cleaning is a workout.

4. Take a Picture

Not just the carpets, snap a photo of the entire room. This will help keep track of YOUR actual progress. Our neighbors have different standards of tidy, so avoid comparison. Reclaim your space for you.

5. Grab a Basket

How did this get in here? Fork under the couch, clothes on the floor. Just grab a basket (invest in a decent size that is built to last) and toss in all the miscellaneous items.

6. Pitch the IDKs

If you don't know when the last time you used it, get rid of it. Whether you donate (with caution mid/post COVID society) or throw it away, get it out of your space. Just like idle water, it's best to keep it moving because after it sits for too long, strange things happen. Like it breaks, or gets dusty, turns into a table to toss stuff. Know what you have and why. Eliminate the unknowns.

7. Start Inside

Figuratively and literally. Start within your self with a prayer or meditation for successful completion. Then start inside the closets, cupboards, boxes and bins, places that you use to store things that can possibly be updated to created new space.

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